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Bafrika Creationz

Bafrika creationz was established in February 2017 at Entebbe Jua Kali Centre.
The establishment was initiated by Lutaaya Micheal.
Bafrika is a Luganda – language word meaning Africans.
Bafrika Creationz has a slogan "Tudde Kumulamwa" meaning back to the theme (African culture).
Our slogan conveys passion for African culture while embracing it in our artworks as it resonates with the modern world with emphasis on morality through story telling.
Bafrika ceationz is an active art society that has existed to encourage the appreciation and understanding of both modern and contemporary art.
Bafrika creationz is not only a home grown (Entebbe) art company, but also
one striving to ensure it provides a growth platform for young passionate
artists while ensuring community based development.
The company encourages and spearheads public art collection in Uganda at large with open membership to anyone with interest in supporting the growth
of contemporary art.


1. To create artworks that go beyond boarders in expressing African originality and culture.
2. To inspire a new generation of underprivileged artists and well wishers to unite, create and express their skills in the art industry.
3. To achieve artistic excellence through diversity of style and technique in branding and marketing art.
4. To create a platform that embarks on giving back to the community through outreaches and social projects.


  1. Paintings
  2. Fabric decoration
  3. Mixed media crafts


Creating an art platform for the under privileged in society through enhancement of skills and empowerment for self sustenance.

Why Choose Us


    • We are known for unique original model creations in production, our reputation for high quality has been maintained because of experience in the industry and skilled workforce.
    • We have a range of active members including artists, community members and professionals, this advantage has enabled excellence in our work. .

  • Value

    • We believe and practise originality by avoiding duplication of Art pieces. Our paintings are final products that clients would not see it anywhere else. Originality is the language spoken at Bafrika Creationz.
    • Art pieces once painted are not recycled for another client.

  • Art Classes

    • Bafrika Creationz conducts free Art and Crafting lessons for all interested Parties.

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